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    HWA-winner-2017.jpg Viteos, a leading global hedge fund middle office and accounting firm, announced today it has been awarded Best Global Shadow Accounting Firm in the Hedgeweek Global Awards 2017.

    Hedgeweek notes that the awards recognize  “excellence among hedge fund managers and service providers (and) celebrate the achievements of firms that contributed to another significant year for the sector.”

    Especially significant is that winners are selected by Hedgeweek’s readership across the entire scope of professionals in the hedge fund space, including investors and managers as well as fund administrators, custodians, accountants and auditors, law firms, consultants and fund distributors.

    Hedge funds and traditional asset managers have come to recognize the necessity for shadow accounting, and Viteos has redefined shadow across managers and funds.  Shadow has moved beyond verification of NAV, turning data in the complex ecosystem of the post-trade lifecycle, regardless of source, into customized information integrated into daily operations, and presented in data agnostic formats for consumption by any number of parties (managers, investors, regulators, etc.).  This neat, normalized, customized information increases a manager’s capacity to add new funds, structures, and assets, and to overlay both business and investment intelligence tools. The customized integration results in a foundation for control, transparency, and scalability - while reducing back office resource absorption.

    Viteos provides investment management operations outsourcing capability backed by advanced reporting and analytics to alternative and traditional managers. The firm’s services are especially matched to those growing managers with a need for scalability, and for customized and automated shadow, reconciliation and trade support processes. Viteos seamlessly integrates its offering into virtually all existing platforms in the US and Europe.

    For hedge funds, the authentication of trade activity, the ability to define and report on an array of metrics, and the constant iteration in technology and platforms mandates solutions that address these challenges. Viteos offers an alternative to developing costly in-house departments.

    Using Viteos, managers benefit from greater integration of people and process, work and information. The challenge is not just to enable better middle office operational capability, but to enable better information sharing to foster agile reporting and savvier investing.  Moreover, evaluating operations according to efficiency, scalability and speed - while implementing the process approach - assures a smooth stream of information. Operations move from data alone to a more sophisticated view. It is the one path a manager can take in achieving a higher level of proficiency in the structure of operations.

    Said Shankar Iyer, Viteos CEO:  “Viteos continues to garner recognition for our solutions to the challenges face by fund firms in the middle office.  As shadow has becomes increasingly important, our approach, focused on operational efficiency, is unique.  We are grateful for this Award. Its global scope confirms that we have delivered to meet the specific issues that fund managers face in shadow accounting.  Viteos serves the middle office, shadow accounting, and regulatory needs of our clients worldwide. We are committed to providing leading middle office thought and practice as our clients’ global environment becomes more complex.”

  • About Viteos Fund Services

    At Viteos, our best thinking and best practices help investment managers grow. We provide the efficient services and knowledgeable people to enable this growth, incorporating processes and technologies that are fully integrated with our clients’ businesses. Using our capability, traditional asset managers and hedge funds have the scalability and flexibility they need to add new clients, gather new assets, develop new strategies and enter new markets. Across virtually any asset class, currency, exchange, border, fund structure, or commission rate, Viteos creates efficiencies by customizing processes and technologies tied to client strategies, and by seamlessly integrating our middle office, accounting, and regulatory services with client operations, systems, and platforms.

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